Greyhound Canada has taken the difficult decision to downsize its operations. The company has notified all proper authorities of its intention to discontinue some or all service – both passenger and freight -- Effective October 31, 2018.

In Alberta, all Greyhound routes will cease as of the effective date.

Discontinued Routes TO and FROM Alberta

  • Winnipeg – Calgary
  • Vancouver – Kamloops – Kelowna – Calgary
  • Calgary – Winnipeg
  • Dawson Creek – Edmonton
  • Calgary – Edmonton
  • Calgary – Lethbridge
  • Edmonton – Fort McMurray
  • Calgary – Kelowna
  • Saskatoon – Edmonton
  • Edmonton – Vancouver

Decision Rationale
This decision is regrettable and is due to a challenging transportation environment that is characterized by declining ridership in rural communities; increased competition from subsidized national and inter-regional passenger transportation services; the new entry of ultra-low-cost carriers; regulatory constraints, and increased car travel.

Greyhound Canada had taken a range of cost reduction steps over the last few years, including frequency adjustments to route schedules and other efficiency measures. Unfortunately, these actions were insufficient and the downward trajectory continued. 

It is with a heavy heart that we announce these service impacts for the end of October. We understand that these route changes are difficult for our customers. Despite best efforts over several years, ridership has dropped nearly 41% across the country since 2010 within a changing and increasingly challenging transportation environment. Simply put, we can no longer operate unsustainable routes.

“We are committed to keeping customers informed and will continue to provide fair and open communications to ensure that adequate notice is given.”

-Stuart Kendrick, Senior Vice President, Greyhound Canada.

Business as Usual Until October 31, 2018
Important to note: it is business as usual until October 31, 2018 — Greyhound Canada’s operations will continue during the summer period and beyond Thanksgiving.

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